Friday, June 18, 2010

Learn to play piano

It was one of my childhood dreams to learn to play piano. A year ago I bought a relatively cheap digital piano but I couldn’t afford to take lessons. I got a few pieces of sheet music of children’s songs I knew well, and started teaching myself.

It took me a while because I really never learned to read music, at least not very well. Bar by bar, I finely wrote in pencil the letters for the notes I remembered next to each note. Then, I tried to put my fingers in the right places on the keyboard. I was able to correct myself by hearing whether the sound seemed right. After a few weeks I was able to play two-handed, and now I play easy to intermediate classical pieces.

Two things enabled me to learn the piano. First, I was able to explore on my own. Second, I had had early exposure to classical piano music. My grandfather and other relatives played regularly and well, but they never taught me. Whenever grandpa played I sat on the sofa mesmerized. I stored all the melodies in my head and could sing and hum entire Brahms and Chopin pieces without being able to read the notes or play them. I never thought this kind of musical storage would ever be of any use to me, but it definitely helped me learn this instrument.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I like blogging

So I like blogging, and more than blogging, I tend too like setting up blogs. Right now I have like two or three. I set them up, I get a readership and then I get bored. Or my life gets too personal and I don’t want to share, but I feel bad not sharing. How can I talk about the craziness of transit when my entire life is changing?

So started updating again last week. It’s been a crazy year and I don’t know what to say. I don’t know where to start. How do you say "I did this and it was a huge mistake." Or "I’m surrounded by crazy people" when those same people may read your blog? It’s this weird public/private thing.

I’m so used to writing for myself that I don’t want to share, but I do. What does "being a better blogger" mean anyways?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Write and Express

Communication through writing is a very important aspect in my life. It is a tool to express one’s thought , idea , impression or abstraction. One cannot fully comprehend the other without a medium of communication and it is significant that writng is one of them aside the verbal way of communication.
I am now wondering if i am doing the right thing in my expression of ideas. Whether i am right or wrong i have to do it simply because i love to write.

It is my dream to fully write exactly the ideas i have in my mind and express it the way i like it to be . I remember the first time that my teacher taught me how to write and essay in my writing composition class. It was about what i did during my summer vacation. It was very hard for me to write basically because i was just at home during my summer vacation at that time with nothing more exciting to write. Consequently, i did not submit to my teacher during my class the composition which she assigned to us. That was the first challenge i met after my long vacation at home and i was disappointed that i was not able to write it. I asked help from my friend and he write down for me. I was making foul of myself submitting such composition to my teacher. But my teacher noticed the way i write it and she decline to accept the composition i made. Then on I tried very hard to accomplish something through writing my ideas. It was so fulfilling that little by little i learn to write and express what i have in mind whether i am right or wrong.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I really like the written word

I really like the written word because it’s probably the best connection to someone’s exact ideas, experiences, and emotions. That’s why I love reading, and I would like to be able to write as well as the things I read.

My writing honestly was at it’s best around the ages of 15-17 when I was more confident. I just want to get into writing again like how I was at that age where I didn’t judge myself so much about it.